Low Res-14

Love. Light. Location.

I was brought up in the Outer Hebrides and spent my childhood exploring the wild surroundings and getting lost in the middle of nowhere. My love for the wilderness and interesting places has continued into adulthood and it is very important part of my work, both to use as a backdrop during shoots and as a source of inspiration.

Another very important component of my work is light. My preference is always to work with natural light and I am particularly fond of the soft, pastel light during sunrise and sunset and the atmospheric light that an overcast sky can create. I love the way that light can transform an image from something pretty ordinary to something very special and the fact that it can have such an impact on the mood of an image.

Whilst I get thrill from shooting landscapes in beautiful light, what makes me really excited is being able to capture real life stories and the interactions, relationships and love between people. The bond and connection between people is something very special and my aim is to capture it in an honest, natural and creative way.